Kevin Martin is one of, if not the most respected autograph and memorabilia dealer in the field of entertainment in the world today. With over 24 years experience authenticating and selling ONLY entertainment memorabilia. He has published over 400 articles on the subject in publications like the Robb Report, USA Today, Ebay magazine, Autograph Collecting, Big Reel, Antiques, and more as well as regular columns.


He is also the author of the Autograph Collector Price Guide to Autographs now in its fourth edition as well as nine other books like Signatures of the Stars, The Autograph Collector Guide to Authenticating, Spoiled Rotten and the Insiders Guide to Autograph Collecting!


As the CEO of the company Piece of the Past Inc. the largest entertainment wholesaler in the world he brings to Russo and Steele the finest one of a kind authentic historical and entertainment memorabilia that you can not only enjoy year after year on your walls but also will prove to be valuable assets and investments in the years to come.


His company has signed unprecedented private signing deals with such celebrities as Paul Newman, Britney Spears, Burt Reynolds, Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell and past legends such as James Stewart, Gene Kelly and Dean Martin. In fact over 246 private signings with celebrities have been accomplished so far by Piece of the Past Inc. with their closest rival having completed around 20!


Every item Russo and Steele sells comes with the signed certificate of authenticity from Piece of the Past Inc and includes a Lifetime Guarantee of Authenticity for the item. As a case consultant for the Smithsonian and National Archives and wholesaler to such chains as Hard Rock Cafe, Planet Hollywood and Field of Dreams we are pleased to have represented at this auction over 30 items sold before the automobiles begin each day.


Prior to the collector automobiles crossing the block Russo and Steele provides you with Celebrity Memorabilia auction presented by Kevin Martin’s Piece of the Past. Kevin Martin is one of, if not the most respected autograph and memorabilia dealer in the field of entertainment in the world today. His company provides every item sold at Russo and Steele with the signed certificate of authenticity from Piece of the Past Inc and includes a Lifetime Guarantee of Authenticity for the item.

Monterey Memorabilia each day right before the cars.

Monterey 2021 Featured Item :

On Friday, August 13, the auction will feature a special piece of memorabilia from ‘60s Hollywood royalty. The only surviving original, leather wrapped steering wheel from the 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback used in the film “Bullitt” with Steve McQueen will be auctioned off at this year’s event.


McQueen loved cars. In his 1968 movie “Bullitt”, McQueen drove a Highland Green 1968 Ford Mustang GT Fastback through the streets of San Francisco. For the movie, they had a “Hero” car and a “Stunt” car—both of which had a 390 cubic block engine, four speed transitions, American racing mag wheels, and 1967 GT350 Deluxe Steering Wheels.


Since the movie was set in San Francisco, the two models of the Mustang needed to be roughed up and modified to accurately present vehicles that could be found on the streets of San Francisco. McQueen took these vehicles to Precision Auto Body, which was a Hollywood autobody shop that was around in the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s, to rough up both cars with identical dents.

The steering wheels for both vehicles were sent to Tony Nancy, a well-known upholster, to cover them with leather so McQueen did not need to use driving gloves—something his character would not have worn while driving around the streets of San Francisco. These wheels were upholstered with a special stich called “Catch Catch.”


After the movie wrapped, the Mustangs were delivered back to Precision Auto Body. The “Stunt” car was severely wrecked and damaged, so the owner took out the steering wheel to hang it on his wall before they scrapped the car. The owner also removed the steering wheel from the “Hero” car and put it in his Ford Ranchero, which he later sold with that steering wheel attached. Recently, the “Hero” car was sold this past January for $3.74 million without the original steering wheel.


The steering wheel that will be available at this year’s Russo and Steele Collector Automobile Auction in Monterey is the bent steering wheel that the shop owner kept—making it a one-of-a-kind collectible item for car enthusiasts.


This incredible, one in a lifetime find will be on the Russo and Steele auction block selling NO RESERVE on Friday evening, August 13th!

Some of the items to be auctioned include :


1. Abraham Lincoln signed item
2. Elon Musk rare signed photograph
3. Le Mans original newspaper for the Mustang historic win signed by Shelby !
4. John Dunlop who printed the Declaration of Independence in 1776 extremely rare document from 1777
5. Al Capone rare signed item
6. Bugsy Siegel rare signed portion of stock certificate
7. Babe Ruth signature with 16×20 Lt Ed signed photo of Ted Williams meeting the Babe!
8. Donald Trump signed campaign poster
9. RARE set of Eliphalet and Samuel Remington (gun) signed checks by the two founders in 1830s
10. Muhammad Ali signed Sports Illustrated
11. 15th Century Hand done Bible leaf
12. Marilyn Monroe signed calendar page
13. Anna Nicole signed Playboy Art Edition
14. Howard Hughes signed item
15. Easy Rider signed cast photograph
16. Wyatt Earp RARE signed item
17. Indian Motorcycle early stock certificate
18. KISS signed LP by original members
19. Ferdinand AND Ferry Porsche rare signatures
20. Harley and Davidson RARE signatures
21. The Beatle’s set of signatures
22. Moonwalkers ensemble by all 12 men who walked on the moon!
23. Rat Pack set of signatures
24. Van Halen signed LP
25. Rolling Stones signed LP


26. Yuri Gagarin and John Glenn the first two men in space!
27. Charles Lindbergh flown and signed cover
28. Napolean document
29. Tucker stock certificate
30. Four US Republican Presidents signed image
31. RARE Bugatti signature – our first time presenting this in 20 plus years
32. Jack Dempsey 20s rare signed image
33. Monkee’s LP signed
34. Enzo Ferrari signed rare letter
35. RUSH ensemble from the film
36. Ford Vs Ferrari signed cast premiere poster WITH signatures of Ken Miles, Carroll Shelby, Henry Ford II and Enzo Ferrari!
37. Henry Ford signature
38. Indy 500 print of trophy signed by astounding number of winners
39. Jackie Robinson rare signature
40. Stevie Ray Vaughn signed LP
41. Duesenberg stock certificate Rare
42. Smokey and the Bandit – Several items
43. Fleetwood Mac signed LP
44. Carroll Shelby rare concourse poster signed
45. Goodfella’s cast signed image
46. Casino cast signed movie poster
47. Le Man original ticket for THE Mustang race signed by legend and owner of the ticket Bob Bondurant
48. Paul Tibbetts Enola Gay signed piece
49. Clint Eastwood signed western image
50. Scarface signed Al Pacino image

These and over 30 others will cross the block, plus our normal booth full of great material for sale outright!

See you in Monterey!

15% Buyer Premium on all Memorabilia

Memorabilia sale starts Thursday – Friday, January 12th-13th, 2021!