Kevin Martin is one of, if not the most respected autograph and memorabilia dealer in the field of entertainment in the world today. With over 24 years experience authenticating and selling ONLY entertainment memorabilia. He has published over 400 articles on the subject in publications like the Robb Report, USA Today, Ebay magazine, Autograph Collecting, Big Reel, Antiques, and more as well as regular columns.


He is also the author of the Autograph Collector Price Guide to Autographs now in its fourth edition as well as nine other books like Signatures of the Stars, The Autograph Collector Guide to Authenticating, Spoiled Rotten and the Insiders Guide to Autograph Collecting!


As the CEO of the company Piece of the Past Inc. the largest entertainment wholesaler in the world he brings to Russo and Steele the finest one of a kind authentic historical and entertainment memorabilia that you can not only enjoy year after year on your walls but also will prove to be valuable assets and investments in the years to come.


His company has signed unprecedented private signing deals with such celebrities as Paul Newman, Britney Spears, Burt Reynolds, Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell and past legends such as James Stewart, Gene Kelly and Dean Martin. In fact over 246 private signings with celebrities have been accomplished so far by Piece of the Past Inc. with their closest rival having completed around 20!


Every item Russo and Steele sells comes with the signed certificate of authenticity from Piece of the Past Inc and includes a Lifetime Guarantee of Authenticity for the item. As a case consultant for the Smithsonian and National Archives and wholesaler to such chains as Hard Rock Cafe, Planet Hollywood and Field of Dreams we are pleased to have represented at this auction over 30 items sold before the automobiles begin each day.


Prior to the collector automobiles crossing the block Russo and Steele provides you with Celebrity Memorabilia auction presented by Kevin Martin’s Piece of the Past. Kevin Martin is one of, if not the most respected autograph and memorabilia dealer in the field of entertainment in the world today. His company provides every item sold at Russo and Steele with the signed certificate of authenticity from Piece of the Past Inc and includes a Lifetime Guarantee of Authenticity for the item.

Scottsdale Memorabilia each day right before the cars.

Some of the items to be auctioned include :



1. John Dillinger signature with rare outdoor FBI Wanted poster
2. John Hancock one of a kind 1776 document forming our first navy and marines !! Historic and Investment Grade
3. 1939 Baseball Hall of Famers on one FDC Babe Ruth Ty Cobb Cy Young and others !
4. America lyrics our national song signed and handwritten in 1886 by the author Samuel Francis
5. American Presidents – the last 24 represented in ensembles !!
6. George Washington signed document !
7. John Lennon signed 60s electric guitar to a journalist !
8. Wm F Cody aka Buffalo Bill custom hunting knife !
9. Annie Oakley rare signed item
10. Bugsy Siegel rare document signed !
11. Al Capone one of a kind signed poker chip !
12. The Beatles ensemble signed by the Fab Four
13. James Naismith the inventor of Basketball signed piece
14. King George II signed document during the Revolutionary War !
15. Marilyn Monroe and John F Kennedy together again !
16. Michael Jordan signed item
17. OSCAR Statuette used on screen during ceremony !!!
18. Golden Globe statue used on screen during ceremony !
19. Emmy award used on screen during presentations
20. GRAMMY award given to Flock of Seaguls in 1982 !
21. Carroll Shelby – several wonderful items signed each day !
22. Elvis Presley rare signed image
23. Woodstock original poster signed by twenty acts and original tickets
24. John F Kennedy original White House bill signing pen used to sign law
25. Peter Max print signed
26. Babe Ruth signed baseball !!!
27. Davey Crockett rare signature form document !
28. Marilyn Monroe world famous Golden Dreams print signed by Tom Kelley
29. Steve McQueen rare Billit signed image
30. Apollo II NASA print signed by crew
31. Led Zeppelin signed double neck custom guitar !
32. Grateful Dead rare early guitar signed by entire band
33. Michael J Fox and Chuck Berry signed Lucille as used in BTTF
34. Hugh Hefner Playboy signed with Marilyn Monroe signed item
35. Muhammad Ali signed artist one of a kind painted homeplate !
36. Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio rare ensemble signed
37. Mark Twain rare dual signed item
38. Walt Disney rare signed photograph



39. Abner Doubleday rare signed letter – the inventor of baseball
40. Harry Houdini signature with rare handcuff key of his
41. Orville Wright pilots license signed !!!
42. Napolean rare signed document fragment
43. Charles Schulz letter regarding Peanuts strip
44. Packard founder rare letter signed
45. Frederick Duesenberg rare stock certificate
46. Edsel Ford rare note signed
47. Henry Ford rare letter signed
48. Salvadore Dali lithograph signed
49. Rolling Stones signed Fender guitar
50. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers signed Fender guitar
51. Clement Studebaker extremely rare document signed
52. AC DC Signed LP
53. Eagles signed LP
54. Tiger Woods signed item
55. James Dean signed item
56. RARE Litho showing Spinks Tyson fight signed by both AND artist Leroy Neiman AND a letter from President Donald Trump signed presenting it to a friend
57. Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones co signed LP
58. Mario Andretti vintage signed Indy 500 piece
59. Harley Davidson founder document signed
60. BEST ACTRESSES ensemble 80 signatures of every Best Actress from 1927
61. Jean Bugatti extremely rare signature
62. American Graffiti cast signed poster
63. Sir Stirling Moss print signed
64. Jimi Hendrix signed item
65. Doors print signed by the Doors and Jim Morrison
66. Janis Joplin scarce signed item
67. Revolutionary War soldiers pay document
68. 500 Home Run Club lithograph signed by all twelve legends
69. Fast ad Furious signed original movie poster
70. Smokey and the Bandit signed items
71. Pink Floyd signed LP
72. THE WHO RARE Signed vintage guitar INCLUDING KEITH MOON !’
73. Vanishing Point rare license tag signed by Barry Nelson
74. Titanic original stock certificate
75. Hot Rod Lincoln rare recording signed by Commander Cody
76. I Walk the Line rare 78rpm signed by Johnny Cash
77. Albert Einstein rare signed item
78. DOC HOLLIDAY extremely rare signed document !!

PLUS 100 MORE lots , 15 guitars with five ending each days program AND Kevin’s largest, best stocked booth EVER with hundreds of items for sale out right to you, each day from the shows open to close!


See you in Scottsdale!

15% Buyer Premium on all Memorabilia

Memorabilia sale starts at Thursday – Sunday, January 18-21, 2018 at 10:00 AM