Drew Alcazar, co-founder and CEO of the famed Russo and Steele Auctions, which celebrated its 20th year during Arizona Car Week, announces the launch of an exclusive new full-service division, RS Collector Automobile Services.


Privately catering to a full spectrum of exclusive client needs, the all new RS Collector Automobile Services division, will maximize opportunities for enthusiasts and collectors. The brainchild and the culmination of Alcazar’s over 40 years of experience; successful execution of thousands of sales transactions; award winning restorations; and a lifetime intimately involved in every aspect of the collector car hobby, with five synergistic departments.


Along with his wife Josephine, Alcazar rose to world-wide acclaim with Russo and Steele Auctions, which has sold thousands of collector cars to an engaged and entertained audience in their infamous “in-the-round format”.  The acquisition of a state-of-the-art, 40-plus thousand square foot facility in Scottsdale, Arizona will provide dedicated resources for Private Sales, Restoration, Detailing, Storage and Collection Management Consulting services. The facility also houses the Corporate HQ of Russo and Steele Collector Automobile Auctions.


“RS Collector Automobile Services is the natural evolution of what I always wanted, to offer a complete docket of services for select collector car enthusiasts.” exclaims Alcazar. “Auctions are just one facet that can represent the end of a journey or the beginning of a new adventure for an enthusiast.”


From award winning restorations as a exhibitor of countless acclaimed Concours, from Pebble Beach to Amelia Island, passionate participation in historic racing with his GT350’s and Trans Am Boss 302, and Road Rallies from Italy’s Mille Miglia to the California Mille, Alcazar has the well “busted knuckles and dirt under the fingernails” experience that fully embodies the collector car lifestyle.


“Knowledge is power,” explains Alcazar. “The more things that people know, the better equipped they are going to be to make good decisions and thoroughly enjoy the hobby. It’s the decisions made in haste that are the times the fun gets taken out of this.”


There are many automobile collections with diverse types and values. The hobby is largely based on transactions — the buying and selling. That is where RS Collector Automobile Services hits a sweet spot.


Five distinct, yet synergistic departments are encompassed by RS Automobile Services and with Alcazar at the helm, will meet a myriad of needs for every enthusiast:


“For the most coveted cars in your collection”

 No matter if you are buying or selling a collectible car, the representation and presentation, along with research, inspection, consultation, pre delivery options, transportation and final delivery are but a few of the very key elements required to buy or sell “the right car”.


“I’ve never, ever stopped restoring cars”

Alcazar’s original business in the hobby, going back to the 1980s, was “Drew Alcazar’s Concours Restorations.” He became renowned throughout the vast enthusiast landscape as one of the best west coast authorities for European sports cars and American muscle. It this “hands on busted knuckles” expertise that is at the core of RS Collector Automobile Restorations.


“The Devil lies in the details!”

Regardless if you are presenting a car for sale, for auction, for a concours, a quick appearance at the local “Cars and Coffee” or just a Sunday drive, a well detailed vehicle is the key to an enjoyable event or positive transaction experience.  It’s the ‘subliminal” things… what makes one car ‘nicer than’ the one sitting next door?  Most people don’t really know.


“It’s not just out of sight – out of mind”

 Professional, secure, climate-controlled storage for your collectible automobile. Nearly ten thousand square feet, walls lined with double “stacker” lifts, and snap tile flooring for year round storage.  Concrete block, sprinklered fire system, secured by 24-hour alarm, camera surveillance, armed patrol response, fenced and gated, and the ‘patented’ two cover system.


“Never bring a knife to a gunfight”

I am always amazed at many collections I visit, for what I call the lack of continuity.  This “disconnect” often includes both the type of cars but also their quality, presentation, and operational preparedness. Collections are natural extensions of their owner’s enthusiasm, and often “tell the story” of their connections with the cars.  With over 35 years of experience, we offer advice from all perspectives to help make the right choices.


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