• Rated: “Top 10 Most Valuable Corvettes” by CNN Business
  • SUPER RARE: only 41 Red Interior with F45 HiPerf Suspension
  • One year ONLY production with the exclusive LT 4 engine
  • Grand Sport package only available with 6 speed manual
  • Only 190 TOTAL Grand Sport Convertibles made in 1996
  • Unique Admiral Blue paint with Artie White racing stripe
  • ORIGINAL Good Year GS-C tires! Unique “Black Out” ZR1 wheels
  • Special gloss black finished front brake calipers “Corvette”
  • The Z16 Grand Sport RPO was a 1-year only option for 1996
  • The production run ran from 4/3/96 to 6/14/96
  • Only 1000 made TOTAL: 810 Coupes and 190 Roadsters
  • Grand Sport Corvettes retain a strong a loyal following
  • Registries track all VIN numbers and ownership history
  • One of the ONLY C4 era Vettes to maintain high value
  • Instantly recognizable and forever collectable the GS!


Despite its long 12-year production life, the C4 Corvette truly has only two “truly collectable” models: the infamous ZR-1 and the immortal Grand Sport. That makes sense, since they share a lot of the same DNA, with the Grand Sport benefitting from lessons learned during five years of ZR-1 production. The Grand Sport is also far more rare than the ZR-1, with 1000 examples: 810 coupes, 190 convertibles-hitting showrooms in a one year only – final year production of the C4 generation Corvette.


The most striking feature of Chevrolet’s C4 Grand Sport, is, of course, the paint job. The Admiral Blue base, a Corvette mainstay for many years, is a brilliant, vivid hue that seems to literally glow when ii hits the sunlight. The stripes are Arctic White, another familiar Chevy color. And of course, the two bright red hash marks on the driver’s side front fender are a hat tip to the historic Grand Sports that used red tape for identification on the racetrack.  Power comes from the best iteration of the second generation of Chevy’s small block V8, dubbed the LT 4, and boasting 330 horsepower and 340 lb./ft. of torque (up 30 horsepower and 10 lb./ft. from the stock C4 Corvette’s L T1 ), this stout engine is one of the most potent pushrod Chevy blocks to date. The only drivetrain available in the Grand Sport was a 6-speed manual transmission and a set of 3.45 gears. The car’s slick ZF gearbox is one of the most durable units ever mounted in a Chevrolet.


This particular Grand Sport Roadster is essentially one of only 41 equipped with the ultra-rare RED interior and F45 suspension option of the total, extremely limited run of just 190 open top cars built in the final year of the production run.  As dictated by it’s astounding rarity, it has been coveted as a “investment grade” vehicle since day one, inclusive of museum environment care and prideful collector ownership.  As one would expect, the condition is indicative of fastidious attention to detail, most notably in the engine compartment, where all factory original stickers and decals remain, to the “as new” condition of seat bolsters and rocker/sill area carpet, to the correct Goodyear Eagle GS-C tires.  In addition, a full complement of factory manuals and Dealer Marketing materials are included, completing a package that defines the term; “collectable”.  Benefiting from just over 22K original carfully driven, meticulously maintained miles, this is ultimate example of the C4 generation Chevrolet Corvette, Suitable to complete the presentation of each generational group showcasing “America’s Sportscar” or simply to stand alone as the crown jewel of any collection large or small.