Friday, January 19th, 10:00AM – Salt River Fields at Talking Stick

Russo and Steele is proud to present a very special, very intimate and very direct no holds barred conversation with Russo and Steele President and CEO Drew Alcazar and Consignment Director John Bemiss.


Want to know how to truly Cash in on the Block? Now is your chance to learn the secrets of the most successful auction professionals. Join Drew and John for a casual conversation, over coffee and donuts. NO TOPICS OFF LIMITS! Subjects to be covered, but not limited to: How to take full advantage of  the Consignment Process, Russo and Steele’s Marketing Strategy, How to Win as a Bidder, a Behind the Scenes look at the Auction, and How to achieve maximum returns in today’s Collector Car Market Conditions and Position, Future Trends and MORE!  Bring all the questions you’ve been afraid to ask, NOW is your opportunity to gain point blank knowledge from two of industry’s leading minds!


Drew Alcazar

President and CEO of Russo and Steele

Growing up on a guest ranch in Colorado, Drew Alcazar quickly discovered the horsepower that captured his interest was in the form of cubic inches rather than cattle drives. What started as watching and listening to car wheels as a child has exploded into a full-blown passion for cars. His first car was a 1970 Mach 1 Mustang. But as a teenager Drew was caught street racing one too many times and his parents sold it just six months later, replacing it with his grandfather’s 1963 Galaxie, which he saved as a fond memento. But it was a 1967 Shelby Mustang that really caught his eye and that interest ultimately led to his shifting gears from racing to restoration. Drew restored a two time Grand National winning ‘69. Mustang Mach 1 while in pursuit of his undergraduate degree from Colorado State University. Drew wanted to bring together his expertise and knowledge of collectible cars and unbridled enthusiasm for sharing his passion with others. So, he opened Concours Restorations in Southern California, where he earned a coveted reputation in the 1980’s and ‘90’s as being the preeminent award winning shop. Operating for well over a decade, Alcazar specialized in the complete ground up restoration of classic American Muscle Cars and European Exotics. Concours Restorations maintained the strictest standards for competition within the national Concours d’Elegance and Marquee sanctioned exhibitions. Drew and his wife, Josephine, launched Russo and Steele Collector Automobiles in 2000. Owning his own auction business, being close to the cars, brings his life back full circle to the little boy who first fell in love with cars by their sheer vibrato on the highway. Today, when the cars thunder across the auction block, for Alcazar that adrenaline rush is still there.

John Bemiss

Consignment Director of Russo and Steele

John is the Consignment Director for Russo and Steele Collector Automobile Auctions. John hails from Northern California, having grown up in the 60’s with “hot cars” in his blood. He built a go-cart with a lawn mower engine when he was 12 and promptly wrecked it in a high speed accident. His next step in learning about cars involved working after school to earn $800 to buy his first car, a 1969 Pontiac Firebird 400. Good thing he was only 15 and couldn’t legally drive yet, as the car was purchased in pieces. With only lawn mower engine experience and high school auto shop training, he assembled the Firebird and had it running by the time he got his license. After graduating high school, John’s first “paid” work experience was at Coulter Cadillac in Phoenix. He received his technical training at Arizona Automotive Institute while working days. John worked as a service technician for 15 years, and then was promoted to service management at Coulter. John experienced every imaginable service challenge while at Coulter, which helped prepare him for his new career venture. His personal success of over 27 years is attributed to exemplary customer satisfaction and his ability to build long term relationships with customers. John used his spare time to focus on collectable cars. He started working with Drew Alcazar in 1999. By January 2000, John was at Russo and Steele’s inaugural event to drive the first tent stake into the ground. John has worked at every Russo and Steele auction since doing a variety of jobs including: driver coordinator; car coordinator; “ring man”; bidder’s consultant; and postsale director. Now an established collector, John has owned everything from a Triumph Spitfire to a Mercedes Gullwing and a wide range of muscle cars, hot rods, customs and classics.