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    1969 Chevrolet Camaro Yenko Coupe

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    1969 Yenko Super Camaro, X44D80 code, designated, on the trim tag. Stunning Daytona Yellow, Black vinyl top, with black std. interior. Factory 140mph speedometer and rare factory tachometer. with Center Fuel Gage, 15" American Vintage style, 5 spoke, alloy wheels, with correct raised, white letter tires.

    This "double" COPO Camaro was ordered by Yenko Chevrolet, as one of the last batch of COPOs to ever be converted, into Yenko Super Camaros. The order number per the records of the Copo Connection is #107778.The car was dealer transferred to Muscatel Chevrolet , 617 Main Street, in Fargo North Dakota. The Yenko Chevrolet employee’s initials who facilitated the transfer, are recorded as J.S.

    The Copo Connection has extensive documentation pertaining to this Yenko. It was the 194th Yenko Camaro ever built, of approximately 201, Yenko Chevrolet ordered Camaros. It is estimated that less than 150 of these Yenko Camaros have been found and accounted for. The amount with this level of extensive documentation, owner history and standard of restoration are certainly few and far between.

    Date Ordered: June 1969. Date MSO (Manufacturers Statement of Origin) delivered: 9/11/69 Copo Connection Copy of original MSO is provided. Body Completed: 9/16/69. Yenko Ship to Date: 9/18/69

    The Copo Connection has also provided a copy of the General Motors delivery schedule , a very rare and unique document, which shows the floor plan dollar amount of $3,841.72 and that a Lemans blue Yenko Chevelle was also delivered, to the same dealership, on the same day, via the same transporter.

    The Rig driver’s name, per the document was Jennings Harp. Copo Connection documents show this car as having been sold on 10/15/1969 to Mr. Darrell Ramstad of Fargo North Dakota. The chain of history is known, and the Yenko was restored by a prominent Yenko Collector, in the 1990s. This Yenko was first certified by the Copo Connection in the early 1990s.

    It has been to many prominent shows, to include the Super Car Reunion and has been awarded the prestigious Gold Spinner Award, at the Chicago Chevey/Vette Fest Nationals. This Yenko was also invited to be a show case participant, at the Super Car showcase.

    This Yenko features a numbers matching drive train. A straight body with deep Daytona Yellow Paint. It has been fully restored, to as new condition. It also has the optional Yenko Doug Thorley, style headers, which were known to add approx 50hp on top of the 450hp Yenko rating!

    That’s approx. 500 Gross Horse Power, right off the show room floor! "CAN YOU DIG IT?"

    This Yenko is Copo Connection certified, on file with the Super Car Registry and also documented, on the original Yenko inventory sheets, maintained by Vince Emee. If you seek a Yenko with undeniable provenance, then this is the Yenko for you.



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