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    1946 Ford F100 Pickup

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    Vehicle to be offered for Auction sale June 5th – 7th, 2015 at Russo and Steele’s 3rd Annual Newport Beach California Auction. Please contact us for more information.

    As the United States neared its inevitable full-scale entry into World War II in 1941, Ford Motor Company boldly restyled its pickup trucks for the 1942 model year. While Ford’s fiercest competitors, Chevrolet and Dodge, were slow to adopt integrated fenders and headlights for their own pickups, Ford did so in a single sweep. The modern new Ford truck cab designs included full-width fenders, lights embedded into the “catwalk” bridging the fenders and radiator grille, with the grille itself transformed into a smooth “waterfall” design, painted in contrast to the rest of the body.

    Under that updated bodywork, more welcome advancements were found. All Ford trucks had now abandoned the long-running transverse leaf-spring suspension and torque-tube drive, changing to longitudinal leaf springs and an open driveshaft. During early 1942, civilian vehicle production ceased in favor of the war effort, and Ford was the first of America’s automakers to resume civilian production during the closing months of the war. While Ford’s passenger-car assembly lines were re-started on July 3, 1945, truck production had already been underway since February 1945, but during this time, only government contractors were allowed to purchase new trucks. Strikes and supply shortages kept production low at first. Once civilians could finally purchase new pickups, the strong pent-up demand was met at first by leaving the existing 1942-style trucks essentially unchanged until the new F-series truck line debuted in January 1948. However, 1946-1947 Ford pickups are quite rare today.

    A complete body-off restoration and build completed in 2007 with only an approximate 1,800 miles of use ever since, this 1946 Ford pickup is a show-quality example featuring an all-metal body and fenders, new fiberglass running boards, and a new metal pickup box with stainless steel and wood cargo-bed flooring. The paint finish is two-part polyurethane, with a two-part clear coat. Up front, the outstanding custom front grille was water-jet cut from 1 ½-inch thick aluminum plate.

    Excellent power is provided by a 1963-vintage Chevrolet 327 cubic-inch Corvette crate-type engine, which was balanced and equipped with a hydraulic valve train. Cooling is enhanced by an oversized radiator with a DC secondary fan. Riding on a Mustang II independent front suspension and 9-inch Ford rear axle, this ’46 Ford pickup is further equipped with power brakes and steering. The new interior includes the original seat frames, updated gauges, tilt steering wheel, air conditioning and heating systems, and an AM/ FM radio and CD player plus five speakers for great sound. In addition to all of its many features, the tailgate is operated by an innovative and very special retractable cable system. If you are looking for a new ride combining the best classic styling, great custom tweaks, and modern running gear, this excellent ’46 Ford pickup is it!



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