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    1964 Volkwagen VW Type II Dual Cab Transporter Van

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    Vehicle to be offered for Auction sale June 5th – 7th, 2015 at Russo and Steele’s 3rd Annual Newport Beach California Auction. Please contact us for more information.

    In the late fifties, Volkswagen continued its innovative ways by producing a pickup truck based on the Type II Transporter. Not to be a follower, but a leader, the company continued with its rear-mounted, air-cooled, four-cylinder motor much loved in the famous Beetle, which took the United States and the rest of the world by storm. One very interesting feature of this truck was that was rated at a full ton carrying capacity, while virtually all other American pickups were half ton haulers.

    This particular dual cab “Split Window” truck was restored to become the “Shop Truck” for Liberty Motorsports of Costa Mesa, California, the renowned Porsche 356 restoration specialists responsible for many world-class vintage Porsche show cars. As the build progressed, “things got out of hand,” as they often do at this noted specialty shop. Here are some of the truck’s many custom features, starting with the front cabin:

    • The front cabin is fitted with a dash from a 1954 Porsche Pre-A, and features vintage gauges with correct shaded hoods over the speedometer, tachometer fuel and temperature gauges, plus, voltage, clock, outside temperature, fuel, oil pressure, and a modern “retro” radio located in the glove compartment. A backup camera was mounted on the backup light at the rear of the vehicle. GPS of course. The seats are Porsche 356 GT buckets, and a Hurst shifter is present. Safari windows and folding sunroof above. All upholstery custom fitted, including the headliner.

    • The rear compartment is also custom upholstered, and the Eberspacher heater is under the seat. Note the louvered seat base for make-up air to the gas combustion heater. Controls are adjacent to the driver’s seat.

    • Body work and paint were performed by Liberty Motorsports and mimics the Porsche factory race car support vehicles of that era. A full removable tonneau covers the fully finished bed replete with oak rub strips on the bed. Note the Red tip radio antenna hidden at the left front corner of the bed. Bumpers are chrome of course. Courtesy steps are Ford brake pedal pads. A third brake light is fitted on the bumper opposite the back-up light. An automatic “Hospital” step is installed at the rear passenger door. A VW tow hook is installed in front. Dual Bosch “Fanfair” horns are installed, plus running lights operated by a correct pilot lighted switch.

    • The engine is a 2.6-liter Type IV as found in the Porsche 914, and features an upright Porsche 911 cooling fan. The carburetors are Weber 44s, and a remote oil cooler with fan is fitted. The engine bay is fully custom and detailed in concert with the rest of the truck. A remote starter, plus engine bay lighting are present. The exhaust system is a “one off” custom unit matched to the motor. Note the engine lid is louvered for additional cooling.

    In conclusion, all mechanical systems including transmission, engine brake system, and electrical system have been rebuilt or replaced. Tires are new on stock 15” powder-coated rims.

    Titled as a 1964 Volkswagen.



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