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    1967 Sunbeam Tiger MK II Convertible

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    Vehicle to be offered for Auction sale WITHOUT RESERVE and SOLD to the highest bidder August 13th – 15th, 2015 at Russo and Steele’s 15th Annual Monterey California Auction. Please contact us for more information.

    1967 Sunbeam Tiger Mark II, VIN # 382100341, underwent a complete nut and bolt restoration for then owner Bo Cheadle, by marque specialist Todd Bumgardner in the 90’s. (Some might remember that Mr. Bumgardner also handled the stunning restoration of the original Miles prototype.) All work was completed under the watchful eye of the worlds leading Tiger expert, Mr. Norm Miller. Mr. Miller, who runs the Tiger registry, is author of The Book of Norman. This book is considered to be the definitive reference of Tiger history and is on the wish list for every Tiger owner and club. Used copies, occasionally found on eBay, will usually sell in upwards of $2000.00.

    After its restoration, for various reasons, this car went into storage for 20 years and was purchased by its current owner after resurfacing during an estate sale. Immediately after purchase in 2011 it underwent a superb cosmetic and mechanical freshening by the respected Northwest restoration specialist, Don Walters. The car currently is emerging from a Portland specialty shop to be sure that all is working properly. Among other things, this service included pulling, cleaning and recoating the gas tanks, a carburetor rebuild and general tune. Also, with the help of Mr. Miller the trunk was finalized for concours competition. This included completing the tool roll, obtaining appropriate rare labels for the jack, and an original Dunlop RS5 white wall tire. The engine compartment has also been further detailed for accuracy. This is a numbers-matching car and is now close to 100% accurate.

    Carol Shelby’s connection to the Sunbeam Tiger is well known and parrots his magic with the AC Cobra. The first V8 Sunbeams, the Mark I and Mark Ias, were fitted with Ford 260 engines. Only the final 536 Mark IIs received the legendary 289. Production totaled just over 7,000. The project was killed by Chrysler, Sunbeam’s new owner at the time understandably not willing to sell a car with a Ford engine. This makes the Mark II the rarest and most desirable of the Tigers. Mark IIs are easily identified by their unique factory assigned VIN numbers (B3821######). Outwardly, the egg crate grill, stainless wheel arch and rocker accent moldings, plus a Shelby-like side stripe should serve to separate the models enough for most observers. This car also comes with the factory original removable hard top which is in perfect condition and a new soft top. An original rare Sunbeam Tiger Mark II owner’s manual is included with sale.

    “This Tiger was commissioned as the 250th of the 536, 289 equipped Tiger IIs and most likely arrived as part of the first, last model year boatload to be off-loaded in Long Beach, CA spring of 1967. It certainly is one of the finest most accurate examples currently in existence. A purchase of this car provides the next custodian pride of ownership, as well as ensuring faultless performance and operation. Treasure seldom comes at a bargain price, but with rare classic cars rapidly increasing in value (a similar car selling in Monterey last summer for $231,000.00), that old axiom may be challenged here.”

    Norm Miller (administrator Tiger registry, rootes1.com website, author Book of Norman)



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