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    1972 Chevrolet Chevelle Duramax Diesel Twin Turbo Custom Coupe

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    Vehicle to be offered for Auction sale January 27-31, 2016 at Russo and Steele’s 16th Annual Scottsdale, Arizona Auction. Please contact us for more information.

    A Diesel engine in a Chevelle. Why would anyone do such a thing? The owner designed and built this incredible Chevelle to show what modern diesel engines are capable of? Then this is your car!!. If you have seen heavy duty full size diesel trucks ripping off 10 and even 9 second quarter mile times while embarrassing a new corvette in the process one would think. What happens if that same engine was in a car with Less than half the weight of that truck, and was set up to handle all of that power. Diesel engines are not just for trucks anymore. The aftermarket industry offers all the traditional speed parts found on your classic muscle car engines. Pistons, camshafts, stroker kits and cylinder heads. The physical size of a Duramax engine is very close to that of a big block Chevy. But that is where the similarities end. You will never match the incredible torque produced by a performance diesel motor out of a gasoline powered big block. This is in a league of its own. Few understand what is really going on here. Once you drive one, you will understand and be a diesel convert. In the last decade, Diesel performance has grown to huge levels. There are now drag racing class NHRDA National Hot Rod Diesel Association where you can find 6 second dragsters, 7 second pro stock diesels. Street trucks are capable of over 1000 horsepower and look completely stock.

    In 2001 GM introduced the all new computer controlled Duramax Diesel engine and continues to be used today in all new heavy duty Chevy and GMC pickup trucks. The high pressure fuel system operating up to 26,000 psi and the ECU has precise control over all engine functions is what allows impressive power and fuel milage numbers. This is the secret to a performance diesel. The design of a diesel engine has significant advantages that gasoline engines just can’t touch. Unlike gasoline engines that relies on fuel and ignition spark for combustion, diesels operate on the principle of auto ignition. The extreme cylinder pressure and heat produced by the high compression ratio initiates the combustion process. In gasoline engines, Detonation beats up bearings, pops head gaskets and blows holes through pistons. But without ignition spark, diesels live in a world where harmful detonation doesn’t exist. Combine this with turbocharges and the result is tremendous bottom end torque output. Diesels also operate at a lower RPM and have heavy duty internal parts. This means they are extremely reliable. No spark plugs, coil, distributer, or wires to change. Diesels will tolerate extremely high levels of boost, some performance diesels run an excess of 100 psi with no expensive race fuel required. Diesel #2 out of any fuel station is all you need. It can even run biodiesel. This car throws out the old saying “passes everything except the gas station” well this car will even pass that fuel station.

    Titled as a 1972 model, this incredible first ever Twin Turbo Duramax powered 1970 Chevelle is a perfect example of modern diesel power in a classic muscle car. With numerous features in high-profile publications including Hot Rod, Popular Hot Rodding, Chevelle, Diesel Power, and Diesel World, along with overseas publications Street Machine, Automax, Fast Car to its credit. This car is a full-on custom build, the Chevelle rides on an Art Morrison chassis with’’C5′ Corvette front suspension and 4-link rear setup. Fabricated 9-inch rear end housing with 16 inch wildwood brakes. Rolling stock comprises DPE 20×16 rear wheels and Mickey Thompson 33X22 tires under a set of tubs with 18×9.5 wheels up front. Stunning power and torque output is delivered by a 6.6 liter 403 CI Duramax diesel engine featuring twin Garrett T38R turbochargers, one off Bassani headers and exhaust system. Mahle 15.5:1 compression pistons, Carrillo rods, So Cal Diesel cam and ported heads, 100% over Exergy injectors, PPE dual Fueler, Custom aluminum intake manifold, valve covers, pulley drive system, hidden wiring and aluminum tubing turn the factory Duramax into a work of art. Matched to a PPE Stage 5 Allison transmission. Supporting items include a Ron Davis radiator, Bell intercooler, Polished stainless plumbing and fittings. Wiggins aircraft grade clamps. Eddie Motorsports billet hood hinges finish off the engine compartment. Interior accommodations include modern gauges, re screened to match factory Chevelle gauges and a custom built dash was moved back 8 inches along with the firewall for better weight distribution. Rear view mirror displays compass readout just like modern GM cars, Navigation, air conditioning, cooled/heated power seats and power windows. Best of all, this proven machine achieved 34 MPG over 4,500 miles covered on the Hot Rod Power Tour and cross-country driving. A totally unique build, this stunning Chevelle combines iconic American musclecar styling with the best of today’s performance technologies into one stunning package!



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