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    1968 Chevrolet Impala Coupe

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    Vehicle to be offered for Auction sale January 27th – 31st, 2016 at Russo and Steele’s 16th Annual Scottsdale Arizona Auction. Please contact us for more information.

    This car is the rarest of the rare, and considered a “Milestone” car in muscle car performance. GM banned 427 engines in “mid-size” cars due to insurance reasons. To buy a new 427 meant you had to order a COPO, a Corvette, or a Big Car in 1968. Not easy in any book. Although Chevrolet documents list 568 “Big” cars were built with the L72, 95% of those went into Bel Air or Biscayne models. It is assumed this many were produced for homologation for NASCAR racing. Estimates are believed that less than 30 Super Sport cars were built with this engine in 1968. Nowhere on this car is the name “Impala” mentioned. It is only called “SS 427”. The “rub rail” holes that were punched into all Impalas were filled at the factory for this car. The “fastback” body style was preferred for Super Speedway racing.

    Many special features were part of the SS Z24 body package. There is the side “gill” fender vents, special raised hood, sport suspension, power disc brakes, and SS badging on the trunk, dash, steering wheel, and grille. The Super Sport interior came with bucket seats, and VERY rare overhead shoulder harness option were rarely ordered with the potent L72 engine. With the L72 solid lifter, large port, forged piston engine, A/C, power steering, and auto trans could not be ordered. The RED numerals on the fender were only used to designate the Super Sport, L72, 425 hp powerplant. The factory Tach has the “6,000 RPM” Redline.

    This car, serial numbered 150018, was built in the Baltimore plant. The original, matching numbers engine carries both the same original serial number and the stamped block code “ID” that the car was built with. All research at this time shows that ONLY TWO of these cars were built, and the other is in a collection. This car was purchased by the current owner in 1989 from famed East Coast Car Collector, Jerry Sauls, who said it was “too powerful” for him.

    The car has been in storage for almost all of that time, but has received a recent “frame-on” restoration. The engine was blueprinted with new TRW forged pistons, TRW .640” Roller Cam, roller rockers, 2.250” intake valves, a GM “Mag-Pulse” ignition, and the best of everything in the engine. A deep sump oil pan was installed for oil control under acceleration. The engine currently has only 70 “break-in” miles on it. The Hooker headers and scattershield came with the car when purchased in 1989. 3” Flowmaster mufflers, followed by 3” Glasspacks give the car a pleasant, yet powerful sound, with the roller cam adding in it’s harmony.

    The front suspension was removed and refreshed, and new bushings were installed along with a larger sway bar. Brakes are all new. Front end recently aligned. The rear axle was removed and all new bearings and U-joints installed. The interior and exterior have been left in “survivor” condition to verify the car’s originality. The odometer shows just under 62,000 ACTUAL miles, and has not been changed.



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