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    1963 Shelby Cobra 289 Roadster

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    The purest form of the most celebrated (and copied) automobile of all time is without question the original incaration known as the 289, or leaf spring, MK1 Shelby Cobra. The brain-child of legendary race car driver Carroll Shelby, the story is oft told of the British coachbuilder AC Cars, LTD. being smoozed into providing car bodies for shipment to the US, and the installation of the potent high perfomance 289/305 horsepower engine by a group of "hotrodders" in Southern Californa. Almost more a fluke than by design, no one could have been more surpised than "ol Shel" himself when not only did it "go like stink" it became so instantly in demand that the original car had to be painted several diffent colors to uphold the illusion that Shelby American was indeed constructing cars for sale.

    Fast forward almost 45 years, and the ledgend and lore surrounign the exploits of Shelby American include everything from being the first to bring the Manufactures World Championship to the United States in 1965 to making Dodge Omni’s "go like stink" too! As savvy collectors and enthuisasts now agree there is no better example of the true spirit of Carroll Shelby than the 289 ‘small block’ Cobra.

    CSX 2215 is an outsanding example restored by noteable Cobra authourity Bill Kemper of Illinois. Fully documeted by the Shelby American World Registry, this Cobra is one of the highly coveted "late production" cars that featued the highly desireable accouterments of rack and pinion steering, Ford electrics and Stewart Warner guages, along with a Ford alterntor in lieu of the early Lucas/generator cars which proved often to be problematic. The deifinative statement "blue chip collectable" this no better showcased than with early 289 Cobras in todays marketplace.

    MARKET ESTIMATE: $ 350,000 – $375,000



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