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    1972 Ferrari Dino GTS

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    Vehicle to be offered for Auction sale January 18th – 22nd, 2012 at Russo and Steele’s 12th Annual Scottsdale Arizona Auction. Please contact us for more information.

    Offered for sale is a beautiful 1972 Ferrari Dino 246 GTS in Rosso Corsa over tan and black Daytona’s. One of the greatest designs to come out of Italy, its beautiful lines are one of a kind. Considered to be Ferrari’s first mass produced (ONLY 1274 GTS cars) road car not to carry a V12 it opened the way for the highly successful 8 cylinder models that have been the largely commercially successful line. The Dino V6 although only producing 195hp is extremely peppy and fast revving, unlike the 12 cylinder cars there is no “waking the giant.” The Dino is quick, nimble and a pure Ferrari driving experience. Steering and handling is superb with near perfect balance. This particular Dino #03908 presents beautifully. The paint, lines, trim, chrome and glass are all in fantastic condition and the rubber is nearly new. Although not a Concourse restoration, this car has obviously been properly maintained and well cared for over the years. Compression test results were excellent, reading as follows: Cyl 1 = 143psi – Cyl 2 = 145psi – Cyl 3 = 145psi – Cyl 4 = 143psi – Cyl 5 = 142psi – Cyl 6 = 146. The gearbox and clutch engage smoothly through all gears (NO typical 2nd gear synchro issues)

    It is simply a pleasure to drive and this Dino is ready to be enjoyed. As published in the Dino Registry the car originated in Lugano, Switzerland via SonAuto the original Dealer. The car was delivered in July 1972. Below is a time line and ownership information based off the Registry data.
    • Sold to its first owner in Switzerland in 1972 it was with him from 1972-1976.
    • 1976-1977 Mr. Eggenschwiler, Zurich, Switzerland
    • 1977-1978 the car arrived into the US. Car owned and offered for sale by Europe Auto Restorations in Costa Mesa, Ca.
    • 1978- unknown Car was owned by Pacific Auto Classics in Southern Ca.
    • unknown-1989 Car was owned by Don Fuhrer in Santa Barbara, Ca. Registry shows car as recently restored
    • 1989-1990 Car was owned by Auto Show Inc in Englewood, Co.
    • 1990-unknown Registry shows the ownership back to Europe Auto Restorations
    • 1990-unknown Car shows ownership history in Japan (Mr. Emoto, Mr. Katoh and finally to the Auto Gallery) Offered for sale at $225,000.00.
    • 2000-2001 Car was back in the States and owned by Symbolic Motor Cars in La Jolla, Ca.
    • Early 2001 to present Car was in the last owners hands / no Registry data.
    Recent Services completed in 10/2011
    • Complete engine out service (reseal, inspection of cylinders, rods, crank, pistons, cams, head, etc. all in excellent shape / photos included)
    • Complete valve job completed
    • New Clutch installed
    • Rebuilt Steering rack and new tie rods installed
    • New front suspension bushings installed
    • New fluids throughout (engine, gearbox, brakes, cooling system, etc.)
    • All hoses and filters have been replaced where necessary
    • Carbs rebuilt and Synched

    Previous Services in 2006
    • Complete cooling system restored (hoses, clamps, pipes, etc.)
    • Complete braking system restored (Calipers, new rotors, bearings, lines, bolts, pads and seals)
    • Distributor completely rebuilt
    • Restored half shafts and CV joints

    The above services totaled just over $25,000.00. Every item that required service or maintenance was replaced. The car was completely gone through and is ready to enjoy. No unknowns here!!!




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