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    1971 Jaguar E-Type Series II Roadster

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    Vehicle to be offered for Auction sale June 10th – 12th, 2016 at Russo and Steele’s 4th Annual Newport Beach, California Auction. Please contact us for more information.

    From its landmark introduction at Geneva in March 1961, Jaguar’s
    brilliant new E-Type, designated in North America as the
    “XKE,” redefined sports cars at one stroke with
    its sensuous
    bodywork, race-bred dual-overhead cam engine, stunning
    performance, and surprising affordability. Directly
    following in the footsteps of the Le Mans-conquering C-Type
    and D-Type race cars and three successive generations of
    XK-series road models, Jaguar’s
    XKE carried an impeccable pedigree and instant
    desirability. Today, it ranks as one of the world’s
    most influential automotive designs, a fact confirmed by
    permanent display of an XKE at New York’s Museum of
    Modern Art. Remarkably adaptable to rapidly changing
    buyer demands and tightening government regulations during
    the turbulent 1960s, the XKE steadily evolved by 1964 with
    engine displacement raised to 4.2 liters, a switch to an
    all-synchromesh gearbox, improved seating, and interior

    regulations in the United States, by far Jaguar’s most
    important market, spurred running changes applied to the
    unofficially-named “Series 1 1/2” models of late
    1967 through
    1968. Revisions most noticeably included adoption of open
    headlamps and a shift to a pair of Stromberg carburetors in
    place of the prior triple SU units, a larger radiator air
    intake, and larger full-width bumpers. The well-proven
    4.2-liter XK ‘six’ was little
    changed, although a higher-capacity water pump was fitted,
    better adapting the E-Type to warmer climates. Bigger
    Girling brakes included three-piston front calipers and
    two-piston calipers at the rear, and reclining seats were
    now standard. These changes culminated
    in the late-1968 release of the ‘Series II’
    models, which continued to early 1971 and foreshadowed the
    final ‘Series III’ V-12 models.

    This outstanding
    ‘Series II’ XKE roadster from 1971 benefits from
    a recent conversion from the standard Zenith-Stromberg
    carburetors to the legendary triple 2-inch SU carburetor
    setup as fitted to the more-powerful earlier ‘Series
    I’ XKE models. The entire conversion kit was purchased
    new from the classic Jaguar suppliers at SNG Barratt. The
    Consignor also purchased a complete new interior and
    convertible top from OSJI, Original Specification
    Jaguar Interiors, professionally installed by the
    specialists at Goodwin Interiors in Reno, Nevada.
    Additionally, XKs Unlimited of San Luis Obispo, California
    recently performed an extensive amount of work to the engine
    and drive train for almost $19,000,
    confirmed by a copy of the invoice from them outlining the
    work done. The engine block is a matching numbers unit;
    however, the cylinder head was installed at some time in the
    past. An extensive history file documents the various
    repairs performed to the car
    and the parts that were used over the years. Also included
    in the offering of this highly desirable XKE are a parts
    book, owners’ manual, workshop manual, and the
    original Zenith-Stromberg carburetor setup.



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