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    1983 Toyota FJ40 Wagon

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    Vehicle to be offered for Auction sale August 18th – 20th, 2016 at Russo and Steele’s 16th Annual Monterey, California Auction. Please contact us for more information.

    The Toyota Land Cruiser, in its many sizes and configurations, has a long and successful history of reliable service in the most rugged conditions. Patterned after the ubiquitous Jeep and Land Rover utility vehicles, the Land Cruiser demonstrated that Toyota could produce much more than just economical cars. The Land Cruiser’s popularity and utility is reflected in the number of variants in which it was built. Introduced in 1960, the FJ40 series and its variants remained in production for a quarter century and developed a devoted following among America’s off-road culture and have spawned a host of imitators. Toyota itself paid its homage to the model in 2004 when it introduced the retro-styled FJ Cruiser, some 20 years after the original’s production run ended.

    This striking John Deere Green 1983 hardtop is a real rarity in FJ40 circles. A true low-mileage example, this car was painstakingly restored over a 12-month period with an eye towards detail. The dealer searched long and hard for a clean and straight example to serve as a basis for restoration, finding this well-kept model to start with. The 1983 models are also considered the “holy grail” of Toyota FJs as it was the last year for this amazing vehicle. Only an approximate 300 were imported to the USA.

    The idea was to bring the FJ back to stock, factory configuration, as shown on the original showroom brochures with a few updates such as factory-style A/C, a modern CD stereo, and new Toyota OEM shocks to name just a few. An extensive restoration was performed with a no-expense-spared approach. The correct ‘2F’ engine as well as engine compartment look new. The transmission and transfer case shift as one would expect in a quality SUV, and the interior represents what the interior looked like in 1983. The body was media-blasted and repainted in its original factory color of John Deere Green. Mostly OEM Toyota components were used throughout – and the result is spectacular.

    Accompanied by a Toyota owner’s guide and restored tool kit, this FJ40 has been described as a representative example of the model and has recently been in the care of renowned FJ40 specialists. They have recently inspected the entire vehicle to ensure proper operation of all systems. A complete tune-up was recently performed, including changing all fluids as well as transmission seals. The combination of this exhaustive restoration of a low-mileage original produces a striking new-car feel. Modern A/C was added for the drivers comfort as well.

    The condition of this Land Cruiser makes it extremely rare, featuring all-original sheet metal. Details like its door handles, dashboard knobs and buttons and engine water-hoses would probably be impossible to find today. As a finished product, this vehicle is rugged and handsome. Its factory correct paint complements its 4-wheel-drive capabilities. The Land Cruiser draws incredible attention from onlookers on the road, and should do the same once the road becomes a rocky trail. We are proud to present a stunning example of Toyota’s legendary ute, perhaps the original sport utility.



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