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    1984 Toyota Century Sedan

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    Vehicle to be offered for Auction sale August 18th – 20th, 2016 at Russo and Steele’s 16th Annual Monterey, California Auction. Please contact us for more information.

    Well-known as the company’s flagship in Japan, this 1984 Toyota Century Executive Premium Sedan is offered with a clean title and Carfax. This executive-class, full-size luxury sedan is still in limited production and sold only at specific Toyota locations in Japan. The current MSRP in Japan for a new 2016 model is over $120,000. The Century entered production in 1967 and has remained largely unchanged, with only some mechanical changes in 1997. The platform is an elegant premium right-hand drive sedan manufactured primarily for the Japanese market. Its history is impressive as a Japanese luxury car that is classy and elegant yet understated and thoroughly Japanese. Conservatively styled with sense and honor, it simply exudes exclusivity and nothing beats it when it comes to attention to detail and assembly quality. It is an extremely rare and unique automobile, being a piece of history with expert hand-craftsmanship coupled with quality and value. Truly a special vehicle, intended to service Japanese dignitaries in the same way as the Rolls-Royce Phantom or the Mercedes Benz 600 Grosser were designed to do. The Century derived its name from the 100th anniversary of the birth of Sakichi Toyoda, (yes spelled with a “d”) the founder of Toyota Industries. In 1984, the Century was only shipped with a V-8 4.0L engine with 190 hp and 238 pounds-feet of torque. The Century is not made in one of Toyota’s plants…it is manufactured by another Division of Toyota, “Kanto Auto Works.” The Kanto decal is still located on the inner trunk lid of this vehicle. The Century was selected by an Auto Digest as “One of the 10 cars for the most powerful people in the world”.

    This particular Century is special for many reasons including its provenance. It was imported by a U.S. serviceman over three years ago. In his own words, “When I landed in Japan, I knew I wanted to bring something back, but had no idea what. One day on the way to work at the base I saw what I thought was a Toyota Crown at first, but it was far grander. It was parked in front of the Officers Club and it had a presence that was hard to put into words. It simply looked important…I instantly knew this is what I wanted to take home, so I bought it.” The iconic Black paint finish on this Century is all original and virtually flawless. The body is deadly straight with not as much of a ripple, scratch or door ding anywhere. The body panel gaps and fits are all perfect as you would expect from a premium Japanese car. The high quality of the factory paint finish obviously contributed to it withstanding 30 years of history but in addition the vehicle has always been garage stored and boasts only 28,749 km on its 6-digit odometer which converts to about 18,000 original miles. The engine compartment is completely original and untouched, still wearing all its Japanese warning and operational decals. All glass is original to the car including the front windshield that doesn’t have a chip. The factory hubcaps sport the Century logo and in themselves are virtually impossible to replace.

    All exterior trim, badging, chrome and stainless is stunning. The interior is completely original and in virtually perfect. The removable factory eyelet white seat covers (with the Century bird woven into the lace) are fitted to the top portion of the seats and unzip with ease. All seat material is like new. It is loaded with standard features including factory air conditioning that blows cold with an R132 Freon conversion completed in Japan before it was shipped. Power and reclining seats, massaging rear seats, power windows including all 4 vent windows, power locks, power trunk, cruise control, auto headlamp dimmers, power mirrors on the fenders, and premium sound system with remote. It even comes with its original keys which are a work of art in themselves. The right-hand drive really doesn’t take much to get used to and when driven, the Century performs flawlessly. It accelerates with power, handles effortlessly, and has a luxurious ride…smooth and quiet.

    This Century is not only an extremely rare and desirable classic, it is also a serious investment grade car that will continue to appreciate. Any sophisticated collector who appreciates history, exclusivity, and this Century’s original condition would want it in his museum or collection.



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