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    1963 Ford Galaxie 500XL Fastback

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    Vehicle to be offered for Auction sale January 19th – 22nd, 2017 at Russo and Steele’s 17th Annual Scottsdale Arizona Auction. Please contact us for more information.

    1963 ½ Ford Galaxie 500XL – Factory Authorized Dealer Street Legal Drag Package
    -Appraisal from International Appraisers LTD at $167,500 which validates the Credibility and
    Rarity of the automobile

    1 of 100 Fastback Models produced with the 406ci/405hp motor, Tri-Power, 4 Speed (BW T-10), 4:11 Rear End. Estimated only 10-20 of these models sold with “Factory Authorized Dealer Street Legal Drag Package” which included additional Fibre Glass Bubble Hood, Torque Thrust Wheels, Tachometer, Tri-Wye Headers, 4 Bolt Mains and Race Warranty.

    It is speculated that less than half of the 100 models actually came with the XL Package which included Bucket Seats, Power Steering and Console. This is because the majority of High Performance Models (as with any of the other manufacturers high performance models) came with bench seats.

    The Rose Beige paint color is considered Very Rare as it was only a one year Color. It was also one of Ford’s first Metallic Paint Colors and used mostly on Convertibles and Square top Sedans. It was only available on High Performance Models by Special Order.

    Complete 1½ year Body-Off Frame Restoration finished in June 2010 by Fineline Restorations, LLC located in Brighton, CO. All parts are either Restored/Replaced/Repaired Original parts or Period
    Correct aftermarket parts, including motor, transmission, rear end, suspension/shocks, gas tank, fuel
    Tank, fuel lines, electrical wiring, radio, clock, etc. Mileage at beginning of Restoration was 82,375
    Miles and is now at 84,395 miles or 2020 miles since Restoration. Only driven to local Car Shows and
    Cruises and in and out of a Trailer at National Shows.

    Only a couple Dealers were known to market this Model as “Factory Authorized Dealer Street Legal Drag Car Package. Came with Fibre Glass Bubble Hood, Tachometer and Torque Thrust Wheels with the rear
    Wheels wide enough for 11″ Cheater Slicks for the Track. Speculated that less than 10-20 were actually
    provided this way. These models were also the only ones which came Stock with 4 Bolt Mains similar to the 212 – 1963 ½ 427ci Lightweight Drag Cars which were not Street Legal but for Drag Race Teams.

    Multiple Local and State oriented Awards for “60’s Vintage class, 60’s Vintage Ford Class, 60’s Vintage Factory Restored Class and Best of Show: Also recipient of three National Awards:
    -2015 All-Ford Nationals in Carlisle, Penn. – Coveted “Celebrity Award” presented by Retired Ford
    Motor Co. Executive for Best Overall Ford at the Show.
    -2015 All-Ford Nationals in Carlisle, Penn. – Class Award for Ford, Torino’s and Fairlane’s.
    -2012 Galaxie Nationals in Branson, MO. – Restored Factory Original

    DATA PLATE: 63C W80 14L 25 I 5
    -63C – 2 Dr. Fastback W80 – Rose Beige Paint 14L – Nov. 14, 1962 Production Date
    -25 – Richmond Virginia Ordering District I – 4:11 rear end gears 5 – 5 Speed Transmission

    VIN NUMBER: 3E 68 G 133987
    -3E – Mahwah Jersey Plant 67 (All 406 Models made here) 68 – 2 Door Fastback
    -G – 406ci/405hp Tri-Power 133987 – Sequence Production Number (Includes production of all
    Ford models)

    -C- 1960’S Decade 3- 1963 year A- Ford form 1958 and up E- Engine Engineering V-Solid Lifters

    DATE CODE: 2M13 2 – 1962 M – December 13 – 13th day December 13, 1962

    HEADS NUMBER: C2SE 6090C (Used for Late 1962 – early 1963 to Dec. 17, 1963)


    REAR END: 9″ FORD 4:11 gears (No Tag)

    Car comes with Both Steel and Fibre Glass Hood, Both sets of Steel and Torque Thrust Wheels (including Factory Original Spinner Hubcaps for the Steel Wheels (typically sell for over $2,000/set) and two sets of
    Rear End Gears, Factory Original 4:11 gears which came with Car for Drag Racing and a set of 3:73 gears
    which I used on car for cruising. Steel Hood, Steel Wheels, Factory Spinner Hubcaps, 3:73 gears and
    miscellaneous Aluminum trim moldings to be shipped to Buyer at Buyers Expense.
    Car currently has Front Disk Brakes and a Hydro Boost Braking System for Safety in stopping when driving. Original Drum Brakes on 406’s/427’s are useless for stopping over 55 mph. OEM Vacuum Booster Tanks and Drum Brakes are still available.

    Have numerous Books and Articles on 1963 Galaxies: ( All will be included with sales of car)
    -Copy of Appraisal, Copy of Original Invoice and Check List
    -Notebook with Restoration picture
    -Muscle Car Review Magazine article verifying rarity of this car
    -Greg Donahue article verifying rarity of this car
    -Copy of my copy of original invoice
    -Copy of my copy of the original Pre-Delivery Service Sheet
    -FORD GALAXIE Data Plate and Serial Number Decoder Book
    -1963 FORD, Facts and Feature Manual
    -1963 Accessory Price List
    -1963 Production Figures and Option Totals
    -Black and White photos of Restoration Process
    -Copies of Restoration Costs of Electrical/Mechanical items from 12/9/2008 and 4/20/2009 and the remainder of the Mechanical and Total Body Off Frame Restoration of the Body/Interior completed in June, 2010.




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