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    1956 Lincoln Continental Mark II RBS Collection

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    Vehicle to be offered for Auction sale WITHOUT RESERVE and SOLD to the highest bidder June 2nd – 4th, 2017 at Russo and Steele’s 5th Annual Newport Beach California Auction. Please contact us for more information.

    The Continental Mark II is a very rare car. In the two year the car was made, only around 3,000 were built. Ford basically built the car to one up the competition for luxury cars. At a price tag of over 10,000, the Mark II was more expensive than a Rolls Royce and twice the price of a Cadillac at the time. Even at that high price tag, Ford lost over 1,000 on each car. Ford did not care. These cars were extensively hand built from the engine to the body. No detail was overlooked and each car met meticulous standards. Each car was powered by a 368 Ford motor that produced over 285HP. The engine was connected to a Lincoln 3 speed automatic transmission. The car brought the company tons of prestige and publicity. Such famous personalities as Frank Sinatra, the Shah of Iran, Elvis Presley, and Elizabeth Taylor could be seen driving their new Mark II.

    This Mark II comes with a special history. It was once owned by the very wealthy and eccentric J.C. Daniels. Mr. Daniels started his career as a body shop worker at a Ford dealer and then became an owner of his own body and radiator shop.This plays an important part in the car’s history. Being an ambitious and creative, Daniels approached the Ford dealer to buy his dealership. Instead the owner guided Daniels in starting his own Lincoln dealership. As a dealer, Daniels became enamored with the new Mark II and proceeded to get orders for 34 cars. Unfortunately, Ford would only allow him to sell 3. This did not sit well with Daniels and could have been one of the reasons he sold his dealership in the early 60’s. From there Daniels went into the oil business where he became extremely wealthy. With his new found wealth, Daniels was able to invest in his true love, Lincolns. He collected more than 300 Lincoln’s with 47 of them being rare Mark II’s. When Mr. Daniels died in 2000 he left behind 388 Lincolns. In fact, while he was in the hospital he was still buying cars and his wife was surprised to have 3 show up after his death. In 2002 his cars all went to auction including this Continental.

    This car was the rare and odd one in the group. For some reason J.C. decided to create a 4 headlight Lincoln. At the time Mark IIs were built, no cars were manufactured with 4 headlights. This did not happen until 1957 when Mark II’s were out of production. Daniels had a personal crew of 3 body shop workers remember body work is how he started that created this special 4 headlight Mark II. The actual work that went into building these special fenders is professionally done and actually quite fascinating. After 40 years the bodywork shows no fractures and is immaculate. The car is exactly as it left the Daniels estate with a little bit of refreshing and tuning including new tires.



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