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    1987 Ferrari 328 Gran Turismo Spider

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    Vehicle to be offered for Auction sale June 2nd – 4th, 2017 at Russo and Steele’s 5th Annual Newport Beach, California Auction.

    Please contact us for more information. The Ferrari 308 was considered by many purists as the quintessential blue blood Ferrari thoroughbred – reliable, superbly designed and expertly crafted – until 1985 when Ferrari improved upon perfection and created the 328. Borrowing much DNA from the highly lauded eight-year reign of the 308, the Pininfarina design team lead by Leonardo Fioravanti modified the profile, softening the aggressively shaved angles, adding moulded bumpers, a roof spoiler, resculptured door catches and a smaller front grille.

    The exhaust air louvres behind the retractable headlights, so characteristic of the 308, disappeared, while the front lid radiator exhaust air louvre was augmented. Inside the cockpit, the seats were redesigned to be more ergonomic with smart stitching, and a more sophisticated and futuristic instrument panel was employed. The result was an aesthetic shared by the concurrent Mondial 3.2 models, thus enabling all the eight-cylinder Ferraris to present a homogeneous family identity. Under the hood, the new 328 featured the naturally aspirated V8, similar to the blueprint of the 308 Quattrovalvole model. While it employed the same Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection system as its 308 predecessor, the capacity of the engine was increased to 3,185 cc, and was coupled with the Marelli MED 806 A electronic ignition and a synchromesh five-speed manual transmission. Power testing showed that the 328 could produce 270 hp and 231 pounds-feet of torque. With a top speed of 166 mph, the 328 could achieve 0-60 in a highly respectable 5.5 seconds. The new 328 GTS Gran Turismo Spider with a targa top came with a sticker price of around 60,000 and was debuted at the 1985 Frankfurt Show to great fanfare and international acclaim.

    The car went into production the same year and continued to be built in Maranello, Italy, until autumn 1989, when it was succeeded by the 348, by which time 7,400 units of the 328 GTS had been produced. This gorgeous black 328 GTS with tan interior has a targa top and is considered today to be a superlative Ferrari thoroughbred by marque specialists. With the stance of a Stealth Bomber and the personality of a true blooded Ferrari stallion, this car is superb to look at, but even better to drive. Always maintained in top condition, this 328 comes with an extensive portfolio of service records. In 2012 over 6,500 was spent on a general service, followed by another 2,000 in 2013. The car then underwent an extensive service just last year, in which all systems and aspects were comprehensively gone through, parts replaced and restored to ensure its performance at a cost of over 15,000. This is especially telling, considering the fact that unlike some Ferrari models, most engine maintenance on the 328 can be completed without lowering the engine from the vehicle, thus reducing the cost of labor and time in the shop.

    Comes complete with books and tools. The work undertaken on this car, its meticulous ownership and the genetic nature of the 328 GTS, render this Ferrari not only a superb collector’s item, but it offers the reliability and drivability required by a judicious and astute Ferrari aficionado with a thirst for the open road. Books and tools included. Clean CarFax



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