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    1977 Pontiac LeMans Can AM 4900 miles Original Survivor

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    Vehicle to be offered for Auction sale WITHOUT RESERVE and SOLD to the highest bidder August 17th – 19th, 2017 at Russo and Steele’s 17th Annual Monterey, California Auction. Please contact us for more information.

    In 1977 Pontiac began production on a Le Mans CAN AM package which included the Pontiac 400 or Old’s 403 engine, Turbo 400 Hydromantic transmission, Grand Prix dash and a Radial Tuned Suspension. The cars were then sent from Pontiac to ASC to receive a rear spoiler, window levers, Shaker hood and the Stripe badging package. After ASC completed 1133 cars, the mold for the spoiler broke and Pontiac was informed it would take 90 days to fix the spoiler. At which time Pontiac cancelled the contract with ASC and did not send them any more cars.

    However, there were still an additional 244 cars on the production line. As those cars came off the line, instead of being sent to ASC, they were sold to dealers without the ASC package and not sold as Can Ams.

    However, 90 days later, the mold was fixed and nine additional cars from dealers were sent to ASC to finish the Can Am conversions. This makes a total of 1142 Can Ams converted by ASC. The remaining 235 cars are Le Mans with the Pontiac portion of the conversion and not the ASC portion. This is why Pontiac records indicate there were 1377 made. Even though these 235 cars never saw the ASC conversion and are not Can Am’s nor were they sold as a Can Am.

    Of the 1142 true Can Ams, it is believed that only 42 were equipped with the Olds 403 engine in order to pass the California emissions. Even though the 403 engine is rated with less horse power, it has more torque, which as we all know is most important when getting off the line.

    This example is one of the 42 equipped with the Olds 403 engine. The ONLY items on the car that are on the car that were NOT shipped from Pontiac are a new battery and one belt. Even the tires are original. It is a multiple show winner with Best in Class and Best in Show trophies. It will most likely win any show into which it is entered. There are only 4858 original miles on the car.

    It is believed to be the most original and lowest mile true Can Am in existence.



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