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    1978 Ferrari 308 GTS Coupe

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    Vehicle to be offered for Auction sale WITHOUT RESERVE and SOLD to the highest June 19th – 21st , 2014 at Russo and Steele’s 2nd Annual Newport Beach California Auction. Please contact us for more information.

    The achingly beautiful Pininfarina-designed and Scaglietti-built 308 continues to be recognized as one of the finest modern road cars from Ferrari. Launched at Paris in 1975, the gorgeous 308 replaced the outgoing V-6 Dino 246 and soon thereafter, it replaced the Bertone-designed 308 GT4. The first 712 examples of the 308 were bodied in fiberglass, with the remainder of production rendered in steel panelwork.

    A transverse mid-mounted all-alloy, four-cam V-8 engine mounting a quartet of Weber carbs powered the sophisticated 308 and initially produced 240 rated horsepower in US-spec tune. Performance was breathtaking, including a 7.3-second sprint from rest to 60 mph and a 145-mph top-end charge. With its fully independent suspension and four-wheel disc brakes, the 308 was extremely well balanced and today, it remains impressive to drive.

    A recent Classic & Sports Car road test celebrated the “delicious accuracy”, driver-friendly interior and sonorous four-cam V-8 engine of the 308. These sentiments were also expressed in a recent Octane magazine cover story entitled “Mid-Engined Masterpiece.” The 308, in Targa-top GTS form, also enjoyed a high-profile eight-year run on the 1980s TV series Magnum, P.I., reinforcing the beautiful Ferrari’s enduring and growing popularity. More recently in the Classic Car Price Guide 2012, Octane editors described the steel-bodied 308 GTB (Berlinetta) and GTS (Targa) as “One of the company’s great success stories and still regarded as one of the best ways to introduce yourself to Ferrari ownership.” Early cars, including the 308 GTS offered here, are the most powerful, eclipsed only by the later (1982-on) QV or Quattrovalvole four-valve cars.

    This 1978 Ferrari 308 GTS is a striking unrestored example. It is now offered from 15 years of single-owner care provided by a former Ferrari Club member, with the vehicle serviced by a local Ferrari dealership. A recently-completed compression test delivered readings from 143 to 150 pounds per square inch, the gearbox synchros are noted to be good with proper shifting action, the suspension system is tight, and the brakes perform great. In short, this 308 GTS is a highly desirable example of an early 8-cylinder Ferrari in wonderful condition. Now is the time to acquire a great example of this important and influential V-8 Ferrari generation, and as such, this early 308 GTS demands serious consideration from committed marque enthusiasts and collectors alike.



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