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1966 Shelby GT350

This incredible 1966 Shelby GT-350, 6S2196, started life as a demonstrator for Shelby American before delivery to Johnny Bolton Ford in Maitland, FL in May of 1966. As confirmed b…

1956 DeSoto Fireflite Sportsman

The 1956 Chrysler line of cars came out of Chrysler’s “Advanced Styling Group” headed by Virgil Exner, Director of Styling, and Cliff Voss, Assistant Director. Together they establ…

1957 Porsche 356 Speedster

Porsches iconic model 356 remained the same throughout its lifespan, with evolutionary, functional improvements rather than yearly superficial styling changes. Nevertheless a vari…

1964 Porsche

The last revision of Porsches 356 was the C variant, introduced for the 1964 model year. It featured disc brakes as well as an option for the most powerful pushrod engine Porsch…

1951 Porsche 356/1500 Reutter Split Window Coupe

During the Second World War, Ferdinand Ferry Porsche and a handful of his proven, faithful employees had started work on development number 356 in their workshops moved to the to…

1970 Ferrari 365 GT 2+2

The 330 GT was introduced in January of 1964 and featured a steel tube chassis that had grown in length by two-inches over its predecessor, the 250 GTE. Four-seater Ferrari’s had g…

1957 Buick Super Convertible

In planning its 1957 models in late 1954 and 1955, General Motors found itself in an odd position. Since the time of Alfred E. Sloans leadership in the 1920s, General Motors makes…

1999 Vector M12

During the period of excessive spending by the young & wealthy baby boomers in the mid 1980s, many exotic cars were being made to satisfy the craving of this sector of the market.…


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